Our Vision & Values

McHarg & Associates' mission is to provide personalized financial advice and solutions that help our clients retire with confidence. We inspire our clients to pursue and maintain a lifetime of financial independence through a comprehensive approach to wealth planning that places their interests first.

Our vision is to be consistently recognized by our clients and community as Sacramento’s premier wealth planning firm, providing exceptional client service and financial planning advice, while providing a work environment that promotes personal growth through teamwork, knowledge development, and integrity for the benefit of our clients and associates.

Inspiring Confidence in Your Future

  • We believe the wealth planning experience should be meaningful, exciting and fun. The enthusiasm and conviction we bring to the planning process is reflected in our proactive approach to getting to know you like family, and educating you on the financial markets as well as the recommendations we make.
  • Our passion for helping you define and pursue your individual financial and lifestyle goals is evident in the level of care and commitment we demonstrate in seeking to understand your needs and objectives, and developing customized strategies aligned with your goals, risk tolerance, and personal values.
  • We believe that honesty, transparency, and communication are critical to developing long-term relationships that place your interests first.
  • We seek to remain at the forefront of industry innovations and opportunities, continually educating ourselves and our clients to help ensure the advice we provide is accurate and relevant.

Our Independence is Your Advantage

As independent financial advisors, we have the freedom to develop customized financial strategies. We have no parent company or shareholders to satisfy and no proprietary investment products. Our singular focus is on doing what’s right for you.